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Get your students ready for Trinity success!




Trinity GESE exam successDr Mark Griffiths shares some thoughts about his webinar, “Get your students ready for Trinity success” (watch a recording), which looked at some of the key features of the Trinity College London Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) exams, focusing in particular on Grades 3-4. Mark is a professional linguist, teacher, teacher trainer, author, researcher and language consultant with more than 25 years’ experience in the fields of English language education and linguistics research. As a specialist in the field of Trinity, with more than 10 years’ experience of training teachers in preparing students for the exam, he offers a range of ideas, tips and preparation strategies.

Have you prepared your candidates for a Trinity exam? Or are you thinking of preparing them for Trinity in the future? Maybe you’re just interested in activities that create a more communicative classroom?

I’m Mark Griffiths and in my webinar I’ll be looking at some of the key features of Trinity College London’s Graded Examinations in Spoken English, (or as many people call them, the GESE exams). I’ll show you lots of practical activities you can use in your classroom to prepare for Trinity, and to improve your students’ communication skills.

We’ll look at the format of the Trinity GESE exams and we’ll see how this changes from Grade 3 into Grades 4, 5 and 6. We’ll look at the language focus of the exams, especially the very popular Grades 3 and 4, and we’ll also explore a range of different ideas for practising the grammar and lexis communicatively.

One of the most important aspects of the Trinity GESE exam is preparing a Topic to discuss. We’ll explore ways of helping your students to think of a Topic and we’ll discuss how we can help them to prepare material for their Topic presentation that is both communicative and personal. And would you like to know some typical examiner questions for the Trinity GESE exam? I’ll show you some in our example ‘Aim at the Exam’ practice section, and I’ll share activities that you can use in the classroom to practise the conversation between the examiner and your students.

Many teachers also have questions about grading. Which Trinity GESE grade should my students do? Are they ready for Grade 3? Could they pass Grade 4? I’ll show you a grading tool that will help you to check if your students are ready for the Grade and show you how the typical examiner questions can help you to decide the best Grade for each student.

All of the material in this webinar has been developed in consultation with Trinity College London and so you know that all of the grammar and lexis, the example questions, and the types of practical activities included in the webinar will practise the language and communication skills that the Trinity examiner wants to hear.

This webinar really is ideal for anyone preparing Trinity. I offer a range of ideas, tips and preparation strategies for Trinity and show you how to pass the exam, how to impress the examiner and how to avoid those typical mistakes!


  1. unfortunately I couldn’t attend the webinar. Is it possible to find this in the archives? If so, Where?

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