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Introducing The New 8th Edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary




Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionaries sitting in the warehouse
WALL OF WORDS: Just a few of the 28,860,400 sheets of paper used to print the new OALD 8th edition and some of the 782 pallets used to transport them.

It’s here! After five years’ work, and more than 30,000 hours of editing, the new 8th edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has finally arrived.


Producing a new edition of the world’s best-selling English learner’s dictionary is no mean feat. Have a look at the statistics and see for yourself:

  • 4,600 hours for printing
  • 5,500 hours for folding
  • 5,800 hours for sewing
  • 7,600 kg of ink
  • 28,860,400 sheets of paper= 614,500 kg of books!


And of course these statistics don’t include the many future printings of the 8th edition or the time spent developing the website and the CD-ROM.

But the thing which makes the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary really special is not the time spent editing it or the volume of ink the printers used – it’s the fact that for more than 60 years, millions of people around the world having been using it to teach, learn, and improve their English.

The teachers and learners that we’ve spoken to say that the things they love most about OALD are the clear explanations, the example sentences, and all the help with vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

For the new 8th edition we’ve enhanced all of these popular features, and we’ve added plenty of new ones too – hundreds of vocabulary notes, thousands of colour illustrations, and the Oxford iWriter, to name just a few.

So although the dictionary has come a long way since A. S. Hornby’s first edition in 1948, the guiding principle behind it is still exactly the same: it’s a dictionary designed for learners and teachers of English, with their needs in mind.

And that’s why, with the arrival of the 8th edition, we’re confident that millions more learners and teachers will continue to enjoy using the OALD for many years to come.

Paddy Phillips, Editor, ELT Dictionaries, Oxford University Press

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  1. Sir,
    Congratulation! Your New OALD is marvellous. May I know how to a copy as I am in Misurata, Libya.
    Once and agin congratulations and thankyou such a creation!

    Thank you

    Dr. Prasanna Kumar

    • Thanks for your comments Dr Kumar. You can contact someone at the following address for more information about the OALD in your region:

      Dar Al-Rowad
      That Al-Imad Tower 4
      PO Box 91969
      Tel: +218-2133-50332/33
      Fax: +218-2133-50016
      Email: [email protected]

  2. OALD has been and will always be the best learner’s dictionary. And finally the CD-ROM is user-friendly and works as it should. Thank you folks, you did it again!


  4. Hey, do you guys have a link or contact to send feedback on OALD8 e.g. suggestions for new entries?

  5. thanks buddies for endowing us with the 8th version of the dictionary. believe me it is the wonder of this age; so keep rendering noble services

  6. This is a great dictionary but you’d rather work on the CD-ROM more carefully. It doesn’t run on Windows 7!

  7. awesome dictionary.congratulations and thanks a lot for such a priceless work.Can i get the list of new words that made entry in the 8th edition?

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