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The Perfect Primary Graded Readers For Reading With Parents




Did you know reading for ten minutes a day can help improve memory and concentration? Reading is also a great way for children to relax. But there are hundreds and thousands of books to choose from, so how do you decide what to read with your students or children? It can be tricky.

Which books are the best ones to read?

What titles would the children enjoy the most?

Which books could also help improve their English language level?

We’ve put together an exciting selection of our Graded Readers, focused on Primary and Pre-Primary levels, to help children develop their reading and language skills. A combination of fiction and non-fiction titles, these books are perfect to read during the weekends, or during the holidays, as well as at school.

1) Free Time Around the World

Cycling is a very popular free-time activity all around the world. In the Netherlands about 85 percent (%) of people go cycling. Most of the land is flat, so it’s a good place to cycle. It’s also very safe.

From cycling to snow sports to martial arts and more, there’s a rich variety of hobbies that people participate in across the globe. Reading about how other people spend their free time is a great way for children to learn more about the wider world (and maybe even inspire them to take on new hobbies!)

2) Swimming with Dolphins

Then she saw a large shape in the water. ‘What’s Ludo doing now?’ she thought.

But the shape wasn’t Ludo. It wasn’t a dolphin.

It was a shark…

Dive into an adventure story with Ludo the dolphin to spark children’s imagination as they encounter different things in the sea, including sharks!

3) Soccer in the Street

‘How did you learn to do that?’

‘A good friend helped me,’ said Ben with a big smile. ‘I learned this from him, too. If you love the game, you play well.’

Many children like to play and watch football, making this an appealing story that follows two friends who play football in quite different circumstances. By tapping into your child or student’s interests, such as football, reading can be a lot of fun.

4) In the Snow

‘This carrot is the nose,’ says Ben.

‘The two buttons are the eyes,’ says Rosie.

‘Can you make a snowman, Clunk?’ says Ben.

Join Rosie, Ben, and Clunk the robot on this snowy adventure where they wrap up warm, build snowmen, and more. It’s a story that will resonate with children being full of play, creativity, and laughter.

5) At the Beach

The ocean moves with the wind, too. The wind makes waves. The ocean is salt water. It’s big and strong.

The beach is a thrilling place to visit from the sand to the rockpools to the ocean. This non-fiction reader blends language learning with rich content which can be read both on and off the beach, speaking to children’s curiosity.

6) Pups and the Big Waves

Mayor Goodway and Alex take a boat trip, but when the weather turns bad they need the PAW Patrol’s help!

This new adventure story features the popular characters from the Nickelodeon television series PAW Patrol to support children’s first steps to reading success.

7) Sunny and Rainy

Some places are warm and sunny all year, and they have no seasons. Some places have seasons, In summer, there’s more light from the sun, so it’s warm. In winter, there’s less light from the sun, so it’s cold. Is it warm and sunny where you live?

Weather is a universal topic – it could be sunny or rainy or even both! It’s a subject that can be brought to life as children can check what the weather is doing where they are by looking out the window or going outside. Reading about a subject that children can easily see for themselves can support reading engagement.

We hope these Graded Readers will inspire children to read at home or in class. Happy reading!


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Anna Shannon is a Marketing Manager at Oxford University Press. She joined the Press in 2016 working in the Academic Division, before moving to the English Language Teaching Division in 2019. She loves reading and cares about encouraging others to read, as she believes reading has the power to change lives.


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